UltraPANEL™ is an innovative hard foam core composite sandwich panel designed for use in the construction of specialised lightweight bodies, trailers and RV’s.

Manufactured by PANELMasta®, a division of MaxiTRANS®, UltraPANEL™ is a durable, cost effective solution providing significant benefits over conventional panel designs. Our ability to supply panels to specification removes the need to cut panels to size, saving you time, all the while maintaining the integrity of the foam core. What’s more, UltraPANEL™ offers significant tare weight benefits over typical FRP plywood panels of the same thickness, making it the ideal solution for your specialised body construction.

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Features and Benefits


At a nominal thickness of 20mm, UltraPANEL™ can weigh up to 50% less than typical FRP plywood core panels of the same thickness, providing a lower tare weight solution. Additionally, UltraPANEL™ offers improved thermal capability over compariable FRP plywood and honeycomb core panels.
Approx. weight: 8kg per m2


All panels are produced in-house by PANELMasta® and made to your specifications. When ordering UltraPANEL™, you have the option to specify your exact length, width and height requirements, as well as cut-outs for doors and windows, saving you time in your manufacturing process.


Our ability to manufacture panels to order means UltraPANEL™ is delivered ready to be assembled, saving you the cost of cutting panels to size. Further savings are in the panel’s sandwich construction, which can remove the need for internal framing often required for single skin panel alternatives.


UltraPANEL’s reinforced fibreglass skin is combined with hard polyurethane closed cell foam to provide an extremely hard wearing and corrosion-resistant exterior. In addition, grooves in the foam core assist with better adhesion between the panel layers, reducing the risk of delamination.


UltraPANEL’s high gloss smooth exterior provides a superior finish which is both visually appealing and the perfect surface for sign writing applications.